27 Jul 2021

After spending its first seven years at Minatec, Primo1D left BHT1 in February 2021 to industrialise the manufacture of its innovative RFID products.

But it was at MINATEC ENTREPRISES that the start-up advanced its disruptive technology from Leti and developed prototypes and special machines dedicated to the production of RFID textile yarn.

What are the technological characteristics and advantages of RFID thread?

The E-Thread® technology, which Primo1D developed from Leti’s work, is based on a simple and robust micro-encapsulation of RFID chips. To manufacture this RFID wire, the two conductive strands of the antenna are directly connected to the chip, thus eliminating the traditional steps (contacts on a connection table, boxing, external soldering) used in electronics. The resulting assembly is so small that it can be fitted into a textile wire. By making it easy to connect everyday objects to the IoT, wired packaging brings a unique added value to our products.

Which markets are you targeting?

The textile sector, and more specifically the clothing trade, is a priority target.
The advantage is that our far-field RFID system can be incorporated during the garment manufacturing phase. It facilitates traceability and acts as a durable and invisible anti-theft device. We are currently in the qualification phase with leading clothing brands who are very interested in our products. We also work for other manufacturers in various fields (tyres, ropes, cables, etc.) for which the incorporation of RFID wires into the product would bring unparalleled value in terms of use (identification, authentication, management of logistics flows).

What premises did you have at BHT1?

When Primo1D was created in 2013, we had a 100 m2 laboratory and our offices were in building 51 of the CEA. In 2019, we consolidated our premises in BHT1 where we rented a total of three modules. Our R&D work and the production of very small batches of tags that were gradually being set up did not require a significant extension of our surface area in this phase. We needed a low voltage power supply, an air extraction system and a fluid supply (compressed air and vacuum). All these networks were part of the basic services and equipment of the BHT modules. During our long stay at the BHT, we did not encounter any difficulties except in March 2020, when we had to bring in a very large special machine. It was epic and we had to break a door!

What is your verdict on these years at the BHT1?

A perfect verdict! We only left Rue des Berges to have more space to install our production machines, but we were very happy to be in the BHT! The 17 employees of Primo1D all enjoyed the environment. Not having to worry about security, logistics or cleaning… it’s ideal for a start-up. We took full advantage of the services offered and the support provided by MINATEC ENTREPRISES, whose support team was always there when we asked for help.