Customised premises and a wide range of services

MINATEC ENTREPRISES provides office space in three high-tech buildings, each with its own specific features: location, access, equipment, technical resources, and services.

MINATEC ENTREPRISES High-Tech Buildings in Grenoble


  • Reception (BHT2 on site, BHT1/BHT3 remotely)
  • Secure access management
  • Meeting room booking platform
  • Conference room with videoconference facilities (BHT2 and BHT3)
  • New work and customised layouts
  • Building management and maintenance
  • Requests for assistance via a hotline
  • Bicycle parking
  • Parking véhicules
  • Vehicle parking
  • Relaxation areas
  • BHT3 ground-floor restaurant
  • Installation of scientific and technical equipment
  • Post and parcel service
  • Parcel lockers (BHT3)

Extramural services

MINATEC ENTREPRISES supports the growth of start-ups beyond the BHTs by offering customised services for the management of operations, maintenance, and new works (fittings, refurbishment, turnkey design, etc.). The MINATEC ENTREPRISES teams support your company’s growth through all phases of development, right through to industrialisation.


MINATEC Entreprises High-Tech Buildings in Grenoble