Three high-tech buildings for innovative companies in Grenoble

MINATEC ENTREPRISES is a public-private partnership that welcomes companies that have a formal agreement with one of the MINATEC research facilities.

The two buildings, BHT1, BHT2 and BHT3, are designed to facilitate the installation of innovative companies by providing them with pre-equipped, customizable spaces adapted to their needs.

MINATEC ENTREPRISES offers rentals and/or a company domiciliation service in both buildings.

MINATEC ENTREPRISES High-Tech Buildings in Grenoble

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Located within the CEA, the BHT1 offers a prestigious address for innovative companies.

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Completed in 2019, the BHT2 offers highly contemporary workspaces at the entrance to the Presqu’île Giant.

MINATEC Entreprises High-Tech Buildings in Grenoble

with installation
and customised

With nearly 20 years of experience, our teams of technicians and engineers can assist you with the work and fittings required for your installation.
They can manage your premises until they are ready for use, whether offices, laboratories or clean rooms.

MINATEC ENTREPRISES staff are responsible for the technical operation of the buildings, security, reception and the comfort of the companies accommodated or domiciled there.

Setting up


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of hosted companies

BHT1, BHT2 and BHT3 services and advantages

MINATEC ENTREPRISES manages three high-tech buildings, named BHT1, BHT2 and BHT3.
Each offers its own specific features in terms of location, organisation, infrastructure and services.

Depending on your requirements, choosing between BHT1, BHT2 and BHT3 can be strategic. The MINATEC ENTREPRISES team will help you make this choice and help ensure you set up successfully.