10 Mar 2020

Based at BHT2 since the beginning of 2020, Diabeloop develops technological solutions that rely on artificial intelligence to automate and personalise the management of type 1 diabetes.

Thanks to the self-learning insulin delivery device that the start-up has developed, the mental toll associated with this chronic disease is reduced and the quality of life of people living with diabetes is improved.

How does Diabeloop’s automated insulin delivery system work?

This is a closed-loop system that automates the delivery of insulin according to the person’s needs (meals, physical activity, etc.).
It connects a continuous glucose sensor, an insulin pump and a terminal hosting the algorithm developed by Diabeloop in partnership with Leti. It analyses the sensor’s blood glucose data, calculates the optimal dose of insulin to be administered and gives the delivery order to the pump.
Two of our devices (including one dedicated to the management of highly unstable diabetes) have obtained marketing authorisation in Europe and discussions are underway for reimbursement by the French social security system.
We also have development agreements with strong international partners such as Roche, Terumo and SFC Fluidics.

Why did you choose to move to BHT2?

The premises we occupied at the CEA (at 40.28 and 40.23) were no longer suited to our needs, but we wanted to remain close to Leti, our long-standing partner with which we have a joint laboratory.
We currently occupy 850 m2 on the 2nd floor of the BHT2 and we will have an additional 650 m2 on the 1st floor in 2021.
We have open-plan offices, meeting rooms and a catering area.
We also use storage space for the terminals we buy and into which we integrate our software.
The actual production area is where we load the software and perform quality checks.
When all the tests are completed, we send the loaded terminals to our customers.

How did the fitting out go?

For the first project on the second floor in 2019, as for the current project on the first floor, everything went well.
Although the surface area of the premises to be fitted out was large, the work was simple, as our activity does not require any specific conditions or equipment.
In any case, we have been well supported by the MINATEC ENTREPRISES team, whose quick response we appreciate every time we ask for help.

How many employees does Diabeloop have at BHT2?

Today, Diabeloop has more than 100 employees.
Two-thirds of them work at BHT2, of which about ten are involved in production.
Due to the pandemic, since March 2020, everyone who does not work in production has generally been working from home.
The first floor extension will provide us with good conditions for the staff we plan to recruit in the near future to support the company’s growth.
Our premises are spacious and very bright, an exceptional working environment that we look forward to returning to as soon as the health situation permits!