Crocus Technology, which has been operating at BHT1 since 2007, develops and manufactures magnetic sensors based on tunnelling magnetoresistance (TMR).

Offering greater magnetic sensitivity than previous generations, stable temperature performance and very low energy consumption, these cutting-edge sensors are used in a wide range of industrial and consumer applications (health, security, automotive, etc.) as well as in the IOT market.

What are the advantages of your sensors?

“Our sensors are two steps ahead!
The first is due to our mastery of tunnelling magnetoresistance technology and the second is due to our ability to integrate our sensor and processing circuitry into a single chip.
While our competitors offer two components, we are able to provide only one, which reduces assembly costs and space requirements and optimises the reliability of the final product.
The pace of our growth (+114% since 2018) illustrates the disruptive nature of our sensors and their relevance to current uses.”

You have offices in both Grenoble and Santa Clara, California…

“Crocus Technology is a spin-off of the Spintec laboratory (which is located at the CEA and with which we still cooperate actively) and is proud of its Grenoble origins!
At the BHT1, we rent a clean room and a laboratory and our offices are located in the city, right next to the train station and therefore not far from Minatec!
In Grenoble, Crocus employs 25 people.
We are also based in California, in Santa Clara, where the team is dedicated to product design and marketing.”

What activities do you carry out at BHT1?

“The production of magnetic materials is performed in a clean room that had to be specially fitted out, because our machines are extremely large and heavy.
These activities are very complex because a single nanometre variation in the thickness of the magnetoresistive layers changes the behaviour of the sensor!
Our cleanroom module has independent, secure access and no unauthorised persons are allowed to enter.
The laboratory, which we have been renting since 2019, houses our industrial test stations where the sensors are checked.”

Are you satisfied with the services of MINATEC ENTREPRISES?

“Absolutely, otherwise we wouldn’t have stayed here!
The most recent project was the laboratory in 2019.
It took a long time to draw up the specifications, as there was a lot of discussion before we made our choices.
This time wasn’t wasted as we had no unpleasant surprises!
The MINATEC ENTREPRISES team used quality service providers and coordinated the work with precision.
A few months later, we wanted to add new machines, but this was no problem as everything had been well thought out beforehand.
For a company like ours, it’s important not to have to worry about the day-to-day management of its facilities and to know that you can count on a competent team like that at MINATEC ENTREPRISES.”